Take control of your web traffic.

Advanced Threat Protection

WebPurifier provides firewall, VPN, IDS (intrusion detection), anti-spam, and anti-malware filtering in one complete package. It also includes some advanced features such as identity-based access control, load balancing, QoS (Quality of Service), IPS (intrusion prevention), SSL inspection, and application awareness

Email Security and Antivirus

WebPurifier incorporates an antivirus engine, and protects against spear-phishing and targeted attacks by scanning email content for suspicious links and attachments. The sustained detection rate is 99% with an extremely low false-positive (~1 in a million).

Traffic Control

WebPurifier can be deployed either on your own hardware or in a virtualization environment. It can be managed and updated using a web interface and it integrates with popular monitoring tools.

Billion emails are sent daily


Of computers worldwide are infected with spam


Of worldwide emails are spam

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