Our commitment to our partners

The Kernel is a true value-added distributor for emerging security products and solutions. We commit to long-term cooperative relationships. We utilize our expertise to grow the market. And we build a network of partners to help realise every potential.

Be a Product Partner

We will be your product experts. We’ll build a local market for your product as well as empower local channel partners to optimize market reach. 

Be a Channel Partner

We are in it together, we will work on with you to support you in closing your deals, we put our technical expertise in your hands and we are always one call away.

Product Partner

As a distribution partner, we will help you with 5 key business processes.

Logistical localization

We’ll deal with all import matters, from customs and certificates to approvals and registrations. 

Sales & Marketing localization

We’ll collate various critical reports to develop a sales and ordering forecast, while supporting local channel partners with appropriate local-centric collaterals for a targeted marketing strategy. 

Technical localization

We’ll integrate local administration applications and systems to form a compatible operational infrastructure. 

Support localization

We’ll deliver relevant back-end support so as to allow the channel partners to fully focus on delivering your solutions to the end clients.

Channel Partner

Our channel partners are integral to our go-to-market strategy. Whether you’re a large system integrator who prefers established solutions or independent SMEs willing to take risks with newer products, we will provide you with essential support including:

Technical support

We’ll help you become product experts but remain available for any further technical assistance, be it onsite or online. 

In-depth evaluation

We’ll capture any missed diagnosis or edge cases so that we can provide the most comprehensive solution to the client.

Continuous training

We’ll provide continuous training and refreshers to ensure that you will be updated with technical advancements and upgrades to the products and solutions. 

Collaborative efforts at events

We’ll participate at events, ready with relevant collaterals to maximize potential of growing our collective client base.

Let’s secure our digital world together

We are eager to help you join our network of distributors