What is Identity & Access Management ?

IAM is a 2-part authentication solution. Identity management: confirms who you are Access management: grants you the appropriate level of access.

Key elements in an IAM framework include:

Single Sign-On

One set of credentials for all access areas

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-layered process for increased filtration and security

User lifecycle management

IAM tools to quickly appropriate access to users based on job functions.


Easy generation of reports and logs to assess future risks as well as ensure compliance.

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Why you need IAM ?

At its core, IAM helps your organization ensure:


Only authorized individuals have access to authorized data


A stronger defence against data breaches


Better compliance with security standards regulations


Better productivity through automation


An environment for information sharing and greater collaboration

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How we implement your IAM requirements?



We run a zero trust diagnostic test to define your current authentication standards



We create a set of solutions based on requirements to fill any security gaps


Deployment & Integration

We launch the appropriate security solutions and where needed, integrate new solutions with existing ones to ensure optimal return of investment on past security investments as well



We conduct training for personnel to ensure smooth operational processes



We stay in touch and provide support for when your requirements change or when your organization needs to scale up

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Other Services

Strong Authentication

Verify the identity of a user or device that is intrinsically stringent enough to ensure the security of the system it protects by withstanding any attacks it is likely to encounter.
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Public Key Infrastructure

A system and infrastructure to secure data, user and device identities and ensure the integrity of the data has remained intact and is authentic.
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Cloud Security

Framework of solutions to safeguard cloud-based data and infrastructure.
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