Access Management & Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-Factor Authentication

Verify the identity of all Active Directory user account logons and defend against compromised credentials.

Logon/Logoff Reporting

Centralized and searchable audit trail to track down threats or prove regulatory compliance.

User Activity Monitoring

Monitor, detect and interact remotely with any user session, direct from the console.

Contextual Access Restrictions

Protect logins with controls on location, machine, time, session type and number.

File Access Auditing for Windows Server & Cloud Storage


Comprehensive and Centralized Reporting

Historical audit trail for precise answers to malicious access, alteration of sensitive files.

Alert on and React to Access Events

Detect a potential data breach based on unusual file activity and respond.

Real-Time File Access Monitoring

Identify access to and usage of data – stored both on-premises and in the cloud.

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Ricky Magalhaes
UserLock offers a level of protection that small, medium and large business should be implementing as part of their security roadmap.
Richard Hicks
FileAudit greatly simplifies the critically important job of monitoring folder and file access on Windows servers. The ease with which you can configure auditing and alerts was amazing.
Samara Lynn
With FileAudit, organizations have an easy yet robust tool for auditing files and folders that reside on Windows systems, run audit reports without the help of IT, and even send alerts.

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