What is Cloud Security?

Cloud security is a framework of solutions to safeguard cloud-based data and infrastructure.

An effective cloud security framework includes:

Authentication controls

Seek or prevent  unauthorized access, and automate privilege management.

Data encryption

Robust automatic data encryption both in transit and at rest.

Centralized visibility

Monitoring of security infrastructure such as user activity to assess security status.

Threat Management

Allows for quick  proactive risk mitigation or implement reactionary measures.

Seamless integration

Integrate with existing security protocols to ensure a smooth operational process.

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Why you need Cloud Security?


Enterprise-level security via superior security infrastructure


Better scalability and quicker deployment time


Lower upfront costs


Consistent updates and patches


Efficient replication of data


Ease of integration

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How we implement your Cloud Security requirements?



We review your existing security standard and capabilities, benchmarking it against regulatory standards and identify gaps.



We create a roadmap for your organization’s cloud strategy based on objectives, risk mitigation and compliance. We also develop future-proof security strategies for a more proactive security approach.



We launch the cloud-specific security protocols and integrate the system with existing security functions.



We progressively and methodically move your organization to the new cloud security system and onboard personnel until you’re fully migrated



We stay in touch and provide information on updates and patches while also introducing new industry best practices


Samara Lynn
With FileAudit, organizations have an easy yet robust tool for auditing files and folders that reside on Windows systems, run audit reports without the help of IT, and even send alerts.
Ricky Magalhaes
UserLock offers a level of protection that small, medium and large business should be implementing as part of their security roadmap.
Richard Hicks
FileAudit greatly simplifies the critically important job of monitoring folder and file access on Windows servers. The ease with which you can configure auditing and alerts was amazing.

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Other Services

Strong Authentication

Verify the identity of a user or device that is intrinsically stringent enough to ensure the security of the system it protects by withstanding any attacks it is likely to encounter.
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Public Key Infrastructure

A system and infrastructure to secure data, user and device identities and ensure the integrity of the data has remained intact and is authentic.
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Identity Management

Full authorization control.
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