we are driven by one single mission

To build trust in the digital world

Cyber security experts. Distribution specialists. The Kernel is both. We focus on establishing trust; with our clients and our partners. We build trust with our clients by providing security solutions in authentication, authorization, identity management, PKI, and cryptography. We build trust with our partners by adopting emerging technologies, growing key markets, and committing to long-term support and collaboration. A protected society, a thriving community. That’s what The Kernel is about.

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Why should you choose us?

The Kernel has kept organizations safe for over 30 years and prevented more than 35,000 cyber attacks… and still counting.

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Team & Leadership

CTO & Regional Director

Rami Kayyali

Head of Marketing

Sami Kayyali

Business Development Manager – EMEA

James Garrad

Operations Manager

Mohammad Dawwas

what we do

Our Roadmap

The 5 key principles guiding The Kernel in establishing universal, and lasting cybersecurity


Recognize, then realize

We’re always looking for new solutions. We seek out emerging technologies. We identify every potential for cyber security. And once verified, we make it accessible.


Teach, then guide

We share knowledge simply and effectively. We tell the whys and then show the hows. We are there to guide, at the start, and throughout.


Provide, then protect

We nurture the kind of trust you have with your own family. We implement the solutions and stay connected so our customers will always feel protected. They know we always have their backs.


Build, then grow

We build relationships that benefit our vendors, our channel partners and our direct clients. We develop markets for new solutions, and expand our partnership network to make them more accessible. We commit to this process to ensure mutual growth.


Create, then foster.

We build a community of like-minded individuals and organizations. We help each other to reach our vision.