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As a specialist distributor focusing on trust and identity solutions. The Kernel has kept organizations safe for over 30 years and helped prevent countless cyber attacks

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We are in this together! As Distribution leaders and Cyber Security experts in Authentication and Identity Management, we know that as a partner or client you will rest assured that establishing trust is woven into our core, products and principles.



We represent global cybersecurity names to provide you with class-leading authentication & vertification solutions that guarantee identity security.

Award-winning password recovery products

On-premise and Cloud-based. scalable digital identity platform

Advanced software to extract data from multiple sources

Certificate management and integrated MFA for desktop and mobile

Perfect combination of hardware security, open standards and software portability.

Strong Authentication

Layered authentication system for a more secure access. 

Identity Management

Cross-network data restriction system for authorized personnel only.

Cloud Security

Framework of services to protect cloud-based data.

Public Key Infrastructure

360-encryption and decryption solution for sensitive data.



We’ve designed a suite of security management systems that takes care of your authorization and encryption needs for a secure operational process.

We’ve secured organizations, and built trust for both the workforce and customers.

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