What is Strong Authentication?

Strong Authentication combines 2 or more methods of authenticating your identity.

These secondary security measures are generally divided into 3 factors:

Something You Know (knowledge factor)

Personal information that only the user knows such as passwords, PINs, security questions, etc.

Something You Have (Possession Factor)

Robust automatic data encryption both in transit and at rest.

Something You Are (Inherence Factor)

Monitoring of security infrastructure such as user activity to assess security status.

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Why you need Strong Authentication?

At its core, IAM helps your organization ensure:


Increased security for identity and access


Reliable, high-success solution


Regulatory compliance

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How we implement your Cloud Security requirements?



We define the suitable certificate policy while also assessing the requirement for a Hardware Security Module.



We collate the necessary information and develop the processes and policies while also creating the relevant documentation.



We populate a list of required certificates for your organization and comprehensively test these across all platforms, applications and devices.



We take a measured approach in the implementation, ensuring that each batch confirms a flawless process before distributing the security system across a larger group of people, until the whole organization is fully onboarded.



We stay in touch and identify any further gaps within the PKI framework and provide appropriate security fixes.


Samara Lynn
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Ricky Magalhaes
UserLock offers a level of protection that small, medium and large business should be implementing as part of their security roadmap.
Richard Hicks
FileAudit greatly simplifies the critically important job of monitoring folder and file access on Windows servers. The ease with which you can configure auditing and alerts was amazing.

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