powerful feature at your command

3 world-class components

Log management plan

An effective solution for collecting and analyzing logs regardless of the scale. Unlimited uses in any organization.

SIEM plan

A modern approach to a SIEM class solution. No limitation of the analyzed data and full control over data security in the organization.

Network probe

High-performance probe for network traffic copy and netflow analysis. Precise information on the quality and security of the network while maintaining a simple configuration.

Next-level Hyperautomation

Energy SOAR is advanced, business-driven solution, that allows the organizations to rapidly identify, investigate and automate as many business and IT processes as possible.
Its hyperautomation involves the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, tools or platform

powerful feature at your command

Use cases

Energy Logserver has flexibility written into its code.
Learn how a single platform can provide solutions to meet the needs of any organization.

Log management

Centralize the collection of events within a single efficient database based on Elasticsearch.

Security analysis

See problems, not their consequences.

Network analysis

Understand flow of you network.


Be comply with requirements.


See the heart of your IT, feel it beating.

Cloud monitoring

Keep your cloud under control. Integrates with seamlessly.

Ready to fully customize your authentication management?