Mitigate Risk & Enable Digital Transformation

Fudo Enterprise helps protect what’s most important to you: your key data. With dangers and threats all around from stolen identities and passwords, the time of trust has passed. Fudo is able to secure and manage access in a comprehensive and holistic way.

With our array of products you can rely on Fudo to: manage, monitor, and secure access, no matter where. Fudo ensures your organization is protected so it can grow and thrive in the digital age

Secure Remote Access

Facilitate secure remote access and establish a connection with the remote servers. Fudo provides a centralized management system to secure remote access connections for your employees, users, administrators, and 3rd party contractors. With over 12 supported protocols, Fudo allows limitless remote access connections that suit your organization’s needs and requirements.

Privileged Access Management

Fudo systems establish and greatly enforce privilege management policies. Fudo Implementations provides control of access to resources, implement password vaults, provide efficiency reports based on user analytics, and monitor and audit all activity with live threat assessment thanks to AI/Machine Learning algorithms scanning user actions in the background.

Complete cover for all of your needs

Fudo Modules

Privileged Session Monitoring

Enable user session monitoring and allow visibility within your workforce. Identify source incidents and increase your incident response!

Efficiency Analyzer

Manage and report users’ actions with precise activity and ideal time information. With session analysis feedback, you can identify sessions, users, and third- party contractors' activity parameters!

Secret Manager

Automatically manage login credentials on your monitored servers while periodically changing passwords for your personalized time intervals!

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