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Since our founding in 1986, and establishing The Kernel’s UAE office in 2008, our company has compiled a lengthy track record of accomplishments. Starting as a hardware business, we soon switched on to software development and have been providing high quality products and services to local and international clients.

Comprehensive security auditing and reporting service. Our team performs a comprehensive external and internal white hat audit and report findings. We start by analyzing published services (website, email server, DNS server, etc.), then we analyze internal server configurations, corporate devices,

Ensure complete security by simulating various scenarios of attacks, penetration testing, controlled DDoS, and others. Our Verify service allows your organization to discover potential weaknesses and possible exploits that can be used by a malicious attacker. Verifying your system’s security equips your organization to handle worst-case scenarios before they happen.


Our Protect service provides a complete security solution design and consultation for your organization. We continuously conduct practice runs, staff knowledge evaluation, internal trainings, and systems monitoring.

Our SOC-as-a-Service team of security experts provides constant monitoring for suspicious events and activities. Our infrastructure of event collectors and monitoring tools helps allows us to give your organization complete visibility and send real-time notifications to alert the responsible parties.


Our training courses are diverse and hands-on, focused on improving engineers with a cyber security and IT background, in addition to improving your organizations cybersecurity awareness. The training courses cover aspects of protection, forensics, incident response in a practical approach.

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