we are driven by one single mission

Stronger, together

We’re not alone in our mission. It’s about partnerships and collective efforts; working together to safeguard your organisation.

No matter the challenge, The Kernel stands ready to find the best solution. Whether you need an immediate reaction to a security breach or planning a robust environment, The Kernel is your team.

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We focus on building trust

A web of trust that runs from us and our partners, to you and your clients. Authentication delivered. Protection guaranteed.


Establishing trust

We analyze your security requirements through one of the following pathways: Expert counsel Architectural review Security assessment & audit Solution architecture


Building trust

We design your requirements roadmap through scoping and budgeting.


Reinforcing trust

We deploy a specialist team – led by a selected partner from our network, and supported by The Kernel’s team of experts –  to implement the required trust solution.


Maintaining trust

We have your back; always ready to support your organization for any future security improvements.

solutions driven by expertise


Every organisation’s security challenges are unique. We know where to start and we know how to adapt. It’s expertise you can rely on to ensure your organisation is secure.

Strong Authentication

Verify the identity of a user or device that is intrinsically stringent enough to ensure the security of the system it protects by withstanding any attacks it is likely to encounter.
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Public Key Infrastructure

A system and infrastructure to secure data, user and device identities and ensure the integrity of the data has remained intact and is authentic.
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Identity Management

Full authorization control.
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Cloud Security

Framework of solutions to safeguard cloud-based data and infrastructure.
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Let’s secure our digital world together