Energy SOAR is an advanced, business-driven solution, that allows the organizations to rapidly identify, investigate and automate as many business and IT processes as possible.
Its hyperautomation involves the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, tools or platform

Threat Analysis

Energy SOAR transforms the security operations with automated workflows for any security use case and orchestrate the incident response across all security areas.

Custom Integration

System offers dedicated integrations for dozens of existing IT solutions. Moreover, Energy SOAR is exceptionally flexible and can easily adopt to any of the technologies you are using.

Improved Efficiency

Boost your existing SIEM solution and enable your SOC team to realize greater efficiencies. By automating repetitive tasks lets analysts to Focus on the decision making part.

Decrease your time to response and remedation

Our Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Platform provides a central location to integrate not only your security tools, but all of your security processes.

Here is the solution

Overwhelmed with incidents?

Energy SOAR will make your life not only easier but also safer. By connecting with security tools and by analyzing IP, URL, files and others elements, Energy SOAR will take significant place in your imagination about working in IT Security business.

Less manual process

SOC workers perform hundreds of operations during the day. Scanning files, checking the reputation of domains and IPs, blocking them and more. To do this, they use lots of different tools, but most of the time they do it manually. This is source of errors and human mistakes. Energy SOAR solves this by integrating with many different tools and automatic incident processing. With Energy SOAR human resources won't be wasted.


Do you have to repeat same thing every time? Maybe it's file analysis or maybe script verification? Or is it script output correlation? Something else? Energy SOAR can help you automate processes in simple builder. Create tasks, share them, let SOAR do the boring part of work for you!

Threat analysis

Viruses can give a hard time to everyone! But there are even greater dangers out there, like phishing mails, malicious actors in network, and many others. How to deal with them? Energy SOAR can integrate and coordinate work of different security tools, like firewalls, antivirus, connect to MISP as an external database. Coordinate work of every security tool in your architecture from single point.

Incident management

So you have SIEM, like Energy Logserver. Amazing tool, right? It's detecting problems and automatically creates incidents. But SIEM is not the only tool that is creating incidents, so you need greater incident management. This is one of fundamental SOAR functions. No matter if you are solo hero responsible for security or you have whole team to work with you – Energy SOAR will make your life much, much easier and work faster.

Energy in family

Energy SOAR is only one product from still growing Energy Family. Energy Logserver is SIEM with additional network analysis functions if you need it. Energy Collector is Linux friendly gatherer of large amount of data from Windows systems. Integration with those and more tools is native for Energy SOAR. Using other Energy solutions will guarantee best workflow and best support for huge aspect of security in your infrastructure.


Samara Lynn
With FileAudit, organizations have an easy yet robust tool for auditing files and folders that reside on Windows systems, run audit reports without the help of IT, and even send alerts.
Ricky Magalhaes
UserLock offers a level of protection that small, medium and large business should be implementing as part of their security roadmap.
Richard Hicks
FileAudit greatly simplifies the critically important job of monitoring folder and file access on Windows servers. The ease with which you can configure auditing and alerts was amazing.

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