Public Key Infrastructure

One message. Two keys. Infinite trust.

What is PKI?

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the technology behind digital certificates, an encryption mechanism that relies upon the use of two keys – a public key and a private key – which, when paired, decrypts and transmits the original message.

Certificate Authority (CA)

This component acts as the issuer and signee of the digital certificates, and is trusted by all other entities.

Registration Authority (RA)

This is where the identity of the owners’ digital certificates are registered and cross-checked before it is issued by the CA.

Validation Authority (VA)

This component confirms that a certificate is still valid and has not been revoked

Powerful feature at your command

At its core, PKI
helps your organization


The establishment of trust, internally and externally

Smooth transfer of data

Correct authorization of individuals
Increased data and identity security at a large scale


We define the suitable certificate policy while also assessing the requirement for a Hardware Security Module.


We collate the necessary information and develop the processes and policies while also creating the relevant documentation.


We populate a list of required certificates for your organization and comprehensively test these across all platforms, applications and devices.


We take a measured approach in the implementation, ensuring that each batch confirms a flawless process before distributing the security system across a larger group of people, until the whole organization is fully onboarded.


We stay in touch and identify any further gaps within the PKI framework and provide appropriate security fixes.

Perfectly tailored process

Our approach to Public Key Infrastructure