Benefit from YubiKeys as a service

Your business and employees are constantly evolving, from new hires and employee turnover, to remote and hybrid work environments, and support for new infrastructure needs. And with users working across desktop, mobile, shared workstations, and using the latest devices and modern authentication, you need maximum flexibility in choosing YubiKey form factors based on device type and user preferences.

Meet user preference

Select any YubiKey in a subscription tier and enable security on all the devices users love.

Lower cost to entry

Leading authentication for less than the price of a cup of coffee per month per user, and easily upgrade to the latest YubiKeys.

Predictable spend

Leverage OPEX vs. CAPEX to ensure security is covered as needs evolve.

Premium support

The warranty and technical support over the entire term duration delivers complete peace of mind.

Deliver to meet user preferences on YubiKey form factors

With users switching to modern devices such as laptops and smartphones on different platforms, or simply having a preference for a certain YubiKey, you can give your users flexibility to opt for any form factor within the tier of Subscription that you’ve chosen that works with the devices they love. No more needing to guess exactly how many of a certain form factor to purchase upfront! With Subscription, you maintain flexibility and also give your users a wide range of choice, increasing their satisfaction, productivity, and adoption of strong security.

Low cost to entry, high availability

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per month, your organization can give employees access to modern, easy-to-use YubiKey  authentication for protection of data, identities and applications. With YubiEnterprise Subscription, initial payments are significantly reduced in procuring YubiKeys, helping organizations maintain healthy balance sheets. And, get additional discounts for purchasing backup YubiKeys to enable easy self-service account recovery.

Predictable cost

Leverage a subscription pricing model on a per user basis, and experience predictable OpEx spending. No more having to go back and rally for more budget as your business needs evolve, or new compliance regulations enter the market and mandate fast action to stay in compliance and avoid penalties. Easily streamline procurement of YubiKeys for 500 users or more by purchasing a 3-year term. Lock in the price and budget for the next 3 years, and gain the flexibility to add more users to the same subscription (co-term). And an upfront commitment with a phased rollout in the first year offers the volume discounts and additional cost benefits, while ensuring you have room to move as your business does. The YubiEnterprise Subscription ‘as-a-service’ model delivers unsurpassed flexibility for the foreseeable future, at an optimized cost, and allows you to experience a future-proofed security investment.

Faster time to value

The ability to switch security key form factors means an organization can experience faster implementations, leading to faster time to value. Keep 5% extra stock of YubiKeys at no additional cost to accommodate any urgent needs. And, choose any YubiKey now and upgrade easily to the latest YubiKeys (within the same subscription tier) as they become available. Finally, with the warranty and technical support extended over the entire term duration, you and your organization will experience  complete peace of mind throughout.

Agility to support hiring needs

As your organization experiences seasonal peaks or, at times, employee turnover, YubiEnterprise Subscription allows you to stay agile cost-effectively. Customers are eligible to upgrade up to 25% of YubiKeys for subscribed users per year and can also be used to replace for lost, stolen, or employee turnover reasons. And to ensure new employees get on-boarded quickly and easily, and that strong authentication adoption is high, YubiEnterprise Subscription includes easy access to Yubico security experts with always-available Priority support.

Reassign Subscription to a new user

Move away from a perpetual, CAPEX-oriented buying approach to a more flexible Subscription approach that focuses on number of users, not number of YubiKeys. And, when users leave the organization, you can reassign the current subscription to new users and provide YubiKeys to them from the 25% replacement pool. This greatly enhances your ability to pivot to new directions as strategic business decisions dictate.

Choose from several tier options to suit your business

Customers have several tiers from which to choose, and can opt from any of the Advanced, Premium or FIPS tiers as needs arise. This means that right from the very start customers have the flexibility to choose any form factor at the time of fulfillment. And, as the latest technology and innovation is introduced, it’s easy to upgrade to the latest YubiKeys for your users.

Get world class authentication security for less than a cup of coffee per user/month