Strong Authentication

Impenetrable gatekeeping

What is Strong Authentication?

Strong Authentication combines 2 or more methods of authenticating your identity. These secondary security measures are generally divided into 3 factors:

knowledge factor
knowledge factor

Something you know

Personal information that only the user knows such as passwords, PINs, security questions, etc.

Possession Factor
Possession Factor

Something you have

Hardware-based authentication method using cards, security keys, or a one-time password (OTP)

Inherence Factor
Inherence Factor

Something you are

Something unique to the users including fingerprint- scanning or iris and face-recognition and other biometric systems.

Powerful feature at your command

At its core, Strong Authentication
helps your organization


increased security for identity and access

Better scalability and quicker deployment time

regulatory compliance


We analyze existing authentication systems, cataloging the various sensitive data, user databases as well as review the complementary security infrastructure to ensure a comprehensive strong authentication strategy.


We create a roadmap for your organization’s cloud strategy based on objectives, risk mitigation, and compliance. We also develop future-proof security strategies for a more proactive security approach.


We launch the cloud-specific security protocols and integrate the system with existing security functions.


We stay in touch and identify any further gaps within the strong authentication protocols and provide appropriate security fixes.

Perfectly tailored process

Our approach to Strong Authentication