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One card. One code. That’s it.

The Net iD Software Suite from the Swedish security solutions provider offers a toolbox of several critical products for secure certificate management, 2FA and MFA. All you need is a card or a mobile app, its corresponding code and you have access. It’s simple, secure, and fast.

Product Portfolio

Standalone Products

Net iD Enterprise

Easily integrated into operating systems – Windows macOS, Linux and Chrome OS – Net iD Enterprise utilizes smartcards and other certificate carriers for strong, certificate-based authentication to ensure safe and secure logins to all applications, including cloud services.

Net iD Portal

A user-friendly digital platform to manage your users’ digital identities, whether it’s data collection and life cycle management or introduction of MFA and various function certificates. This innovative web portal also offers segmented interfaces for administrators, operators and users.

Net iD Access

Designed for secure mobile productivity, Net iD Access integrates with existing PKI infrastructure and supports both iOS and Android platforms. Choose between file certificates or a smartcard to implement the optimal IT security for your organization while allowing on-the-move access.

Net iD for Citrix

Log in faster to your Citrix environment. The Single Sign-On provides swift, simple and secure access to all your applications using a smartcard, mobile certificate or YubiKey and a PIN code.

Tailored to every need



Net iD OnPrem

Customize your protection levels based on individual requirements. Simply pick and choose the suitable components from the product suite to create your own security framework, while still running all the PKI architecture in your own environment.

SecMaker Live iD

Get protected faster; same security features but without the time and financial investment in hardware set-ups. This solution also allows cost-efficient scalability.  

Net iD Public

Be part of a security collective and leverage an existing security framework. Offering shared security solutions, this is best implemented by organizations looking to provide national login and encryption services.

Tailored to every need

What customers say


card and PIN code are much more secure. At the same time, the user obtain more flexible login and out with fast mobile access to system nd information

Sverre Knusten

Akershus University Hospital

We wanted to have faster login and that’s what we’ve got! We put the card in and enter a single code to access all the services we need.

Marja-Liisa Nyman

Sodertalje Hospital

SecMaker not only makes it work but makes sure it gets really good. Now I look forward to introducing the solution to all employees,
Kjell Lundblad

Falkenbers Municipality

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Other products

Enterprise-grade open source identity platform for scalable and customizable protection. Free open-source software platform for customizable protection.

Portable security keys for fast, secure and easy authentication process.  

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