Oxygen Forensics is the worldwide leading maker of the advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices. The company is dedicated in delivering the most universal forensic solution covering the widest range of mobile devices running Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and other operating systems

Law enforcement and government agencies, institutions, corporations and private investigators, help desk personnel, and thousands of private consumers rely on Oxygen Forensics products to ensure evidence availability in the event of mobile devices data analysis and recovery.

Oxygen Forensics customers include various US and European federal and state agencies, such as the IRS, US Army, US Department of Defense (DOD), US Department of Justice, US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Transportation, US Postal Service, US Supreme Court, European Commission, London Metropolitan Police, French National Police and Gendarmerie, German Federal Criminal Police Office, Italian Financial Guard, Spanish Civil Guard as well as Big Four companies, like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young and many others. As a result, Oxygen Forensic® Suite receives great response at forensic conferences, exhibitions and trainings, and occupies a spot in the top of the list in relevant tests for extracting more data than competitors.

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Feature  ProductOxygen Forensic® Detective
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Oxygen Forensic® Analyst
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Live Data Acquisition
Supported devicesOver 12020Over 12020
Lock screen bypass
Screen lock disabler
Advanced physical extraction for Samsung Android devices
iOS devices
Android devices
Windows Phone devices
Windows Mobile devices
BlackBerry devices
Symbian smartphones
Bada phones
Chinese phones (MTK, Spreadtrum)
Feature phones
Memory cards physical extraction
Non-Encrypted Backups Parsing
iOS backups and images (including iTunes)
Android backups and images
BlackBerry backups (BBB, IPD)
Nokia backups (NBU, MBK)
JTAG images
Chip-Off images
Encrypted Backups Parsing
iTunes backups password recovery
Android (ADB) backups password recovery
Android images password recovery
Mobile Data Extraction
File system
Calendar, notes, tasks
User dictionaries
Supported unique appsOver 330Over 330
Supported app versionsOver 2020Over 2020
Spyware detection
Deleted data
Built-in SQLite Viewer
Built-in Plist Viewer
Device data reports11 formats11 formats
Cloud Data Extraction
Supported cloud servicesOver 20
Tokens and credentials extraction from iOS devices
Tokens and credentials extraction from Android devices
Tokens and credentials extraction from Windows Phone devices
Apple services
Microsoft services
Google services
Social media
Storage services
iCloud backup parsing
Windows Phone backup parsing
Data Analysis
Call Data Records import
Call Data Records analysis
Data Scout
Links analysis
Aggregated contacts
Key evidence
Data search
Watch lists
Geo Mapping
Visualization of frequently visited locations
Routes visualization
Common locations visualization
Offline maps
Feature  ProductOxygen Forensic® Detective
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Oxygen Forensic® Analyst
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