Aggregated Contacts

Analyze contacts from multiple sources such as the Phonebook, Messages, Event Log, Skype, chat and messaging applications in Aggregated Contacts. Section automatically reveals same people in different sources and groups them together in one meta-contact.

Android Rooting

Rooting a device based on Android OS reveals the complete set of user data to the investigator. Generally this procedure needs certain knowledge and research, but Oxygen Forensic® Suite helps experts to automate this operation.


Oxygen Forensic® Suite retrieves numerous application data from a mobile device. In the Applications section, forensic experts view the list of pre-installed and user applications with the files created by these programs. Each application can contain valuable user data, like passwords, logs, history, files and so on.

Data Viewer

Various data viewers help experts to analyze extracted data in a convenient way. Oxygen Forensic® Suite has built-in HEX-viewer, picture viewer, music and video players, text viewer with code page converter, HTML, SQLite and Plist Viewers.

Backup Reader

Extract data from the backup files acquired from suspects’ computers or portable drives. iTunes, Android, Blackberry backups, DMG or other forensic software images will appear in Oxygen Forensic® Suite like data extracted from the real device.

Global Search

Global Search allows discovering user data in every section of the device. Tool offers searching for text, phone numbers, emails, geo coordinates, IP addresses, MAC addresses, Credit Card numbers. Regular expressions library is available for more custom search.

Key Evidence

Key Evidence section offers a clean, uncluttered view of evidence marked as essential by investigators.Forensic specialists can mark certain items belonging to various sections as being essential evidence, then review them all at once regardless of their original location.

Links and Stats

Quickly reveal social connections between users of mobile devices under investigation and their contacts. Links and Stats section provides a convenient tool to explore social connections between device users by analyzing calls, text, multimedia and e-mail messages and Skype activities.


Passwords section displays logins and passwords extracted from default secure storage like keychain database. Applications files can also contain this valuable data. Oxygen Forensic® Suite parses them for it and displays nearby.

Social Graph

Social Graph visualizes complex connections inside crime groups. This is a highly adjustable workplace that allows forensic experts to review connections between mobile device owners and their contacts, pinpoint connections between multiple device owners, and detect their common contacts.


Timeline allows to view all facts of mobile device usage in one sorted list. This section organizes all calls, messages, calendar events, geo data and other activities in chronological way, so you can easily follow the conversation history without the need to switch between different sections.

Web Connections & Locations

Web Connections & Locations section reveals suspects’ visited places and routes. Experts can analyze several sources of Geo data: Wifi connections, IP connections and Locations databases.

Attacks per second

Attacks per second

Attacks per second

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